IPL Auction

The IPL Auction Event at E-Summit brings together individuals with a passion for both sports management and entrepreneurial ventures, creating an electrifying atmosphere where strategic minds collide. Participants are tasked with emulating the role of team owners, making crucial decisions under pressure as they vie for top talent to construct their dream IPL squads. Just like in the actual IPL auctions, the event is a test of wit, foresight, and financial acumen. Each bid represents not just a player acquisition, but a calculated investment in the team's success. Participants must carefully assess player values, market dynamics, and team composition to outmanoeuvre their competitors and secure the best deals.


Prize Pool: ₹25000

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Event Timeline

Round 1
Quiz Round

19 April - 23 April

Round 2

28 April

Contact Organizer

Himanshu Singh


Contact Organizer

Aditya Thanvi