Market Wise

Introducing the Market Wise: a thrilling multi-stage competition tailored to assess participants' prowess in data science and machine learning. Round 1 sets the stage, delving into fundamental data science concepts including model training, feature engineering, and neural networks. A dedicated workshop accompanies this round, offering participants a comprehensive grasp of essential terms and methodologies. In Round 2, the competition intensifies as participants apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios, developing models aligned with a provided problem statement. Top-performing teams from this round will earn the coveted opportunity to advance to the finals hosted at IIIT Nagpur. The grand finale awaits the finalists with a rigorous 36-hour hackathon. Teams will engage in exhaustive data analysis and model refinement, pushing their limits to emerge victorious. The winning team will claim the prestigious title of ultimate champion, solidifying their expertise in the dynamic field of data science.


Prize Pool: ₹53000

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Event Timeline

Round 1
Quiz Round

19 April - 20 April

Round 2

27 April - 28 April

Contact Organizer

Kirtan Bhavsar


Contact Organizer

Sarvesh Khodwe