Pitchers 4.0

Pitchers 4.0, presented by E-Summit, offers aspiring entrepreneurs an immersive platform to refine their ideas and pitch them to a panel of judges and a live audience. In Round 1, participants develop minimum viable products (MVPs) and submit abstract outlining their business concepts. The top contenders advance to Round 2, where they deliver polished pitches, aiming to impress with their innovation, market potential, and scalability. This event not only provides a stage for pitching ideas but also facilitates skill refinement and potential support to turn dreams into reality.


Prize Pool: ₹53000

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Event Timeline

Round 1
Submission Round

16 April - 21 April

Round 2
Pitching Round

28 April

Contact Organizer

Prerak Gupta


Contact Organizer

Kushagra Srivastava